Motivating Bohemian Decorating Ideas For Living Room

Interior design is actually the blend of art as well as engineering. Coming from integrating components coming from attribute along with a splash of rich colors to incredible methods of making use of home furniture and patterns, interior design makes the space more appealing. Amongst the a variety of patterns out there, bohemian or “boho-chic” is actually an appealing option. Bohemian arises from the French term “gypsy” that actually indicates unconventional.

10 Cosmopolitan and Inspirational Designers From Paris

Sybille de Margerie is a fabulous top French interior designer that focuses on incredible settings, that stand out for its creativity and simplicity. Her projects stand on the perfect balance between the modern and traditional, establishing perfection. Elegance and comfort are some of the basis for her projects.

A Living Room Refresh + New Vintage Pillows!

We’re revisiting one of our first projects to give the living room a refresh. The owners were moving so we thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to come back and style our new product. You’ll recognize the Walker Sofa from our new upholstery collection, and we decided to use our stunning new vintage pillow collection that launched today.

Different Ways to Use Velvet In Your Home Decor

Velvet is the fabric that never goes out of trends, the smooth fabric has the ability to give a chic and sophisticated touch to any space, whether the decor is mid-century modern, moody, modern, or even minimalist. Here are some ideas on ways to decorate your home decor with this type of fabric, so you can turn your room’s atmosphere into the most ravishing.